The Resource The 1910s (1910-1919), editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, PhD

The 1910s (1910-1919), editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, PhD

The 1910s (1910-1919)
The 1910s (1910-1919)
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editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, PhD
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  • Nineteen tens (1910-1919)
  • 1910-1919
From 1910 to 1919, the United States saw its status as a world superpower escalate-a status confirmed by the end of World War I in 1918. This new addition to the Defining Documents series profiles these formative years in modern American history, providing careful, close analysis of over forty important documents from the era. Defining Documents in American History: The 1910s explores the second decade of the 20th century in America, offering in-depth critical and analytical essays of various documents created during this time. Articles begin by introducing readers to the document's historical context, followed by a description of the author's life and circumstances in which the document was written. A document analysis, written by professional writers and historians, guides the readers in understanding the key elements of language, rhetoric, and social and political meaning that define the significance of the author and document in the context of the time. This brand-new title provides detailed insight into a wide spectrum of topics from the 1910s, including: The Mann Act; Establishment of Income Tax; The Clayton Anti-Trust Act; The Sedition Act of 1918; Standard Oil Co. v. United States; Creation of the Federal Reserve System; Entry of the United States into World War I. This collection will introduce students and educators to a diverse range of genres, including journals, letters, speeches, government legislation, and court opinions. Documents represent the diversity of ideas and contexts that define social, political and cultural subjects throughout American history. An historical timeline and a bibliography of related supplemental reading are also included.--Publisher description
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Defining documents in American history
The 1910s (1910-1919), editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, PhD
The 1910s (1910-1919), editor, Michael Shally-Jensen, PhD
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 319-329) and index
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Domestic developments. Progressive Party Platform ; Sixteenth Amendment to the US Constitution ; Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography ; Woodrow Wilson: Second Inaugural Address ; Federal Reserve Act ; Billy Sunday: "Get on the Water Wagon" ; Emma Goldman: "The Philosophy of Atheism" ; Woodrow Wilson: Address at Gettysburg ; Theodore Roosevelt: Speech to the New York Republican State Convention ; Eighteenth Amendment to the US Constitution ; Volstead Act ; Schenck v. United States -- The War Front. The Austro-Hungarian Ultimatum and the Serbian Response ; Espionage Act of 1917 ; Zimmermann Telegram ; Woodrow Wilson: Address to Congress Leading to a Declaration of War against Germany ; Robert La Follette: Speech Opposing War with Germany ; Eugene V. Debs: Antiwar Speech ; Woodrow Wilson: Fourteen Points ; Railway Administration Act ; Treaty of Versailles -- International Affairs. Emiliano Zapata: Plan of Ayala ; Henry Cabot Lodge: Speech on Mexico ; Balfour Declaration ; Woodrow Wilson: Address in Support of a World League for Peace ; Covenant of the League of Nations -- Labor and Immigration. Dillingham Commission Report ; Louis D. Brandeis: "The Jewish Problem: How to Solve It" ; Samuel Gompers: Circular to the Organizers of the American Federation of Labor ; Hammer v. Dagenhart -- Women's Rights. Jane Addams: "Why Women Should Vote" ; Margaret Sanger: "The Prevention of Contraception" ; Alice Paul: Testimony before the House Judiciary Committee -- African American Affairs. Act in Relation to the Organization of a Colored Regiment in the City of New York ; Monroe Trotter's Protest to Woodrow Wilson ; Guinn v. United States ; William Pickens: "The Kind of Democracy the Negro Expects" ; NAACP: Thirty Years of Lynching in the United States -- Appendixes. Chronological List ; Web Resources ; Bibliography ; Index
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xiii, 341 pages
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