The Resource Celtic Mythology, (electronic resource)

Celtic Mythology, (electronic resource)

Celtic Mythology
Celtic Mythology
<Div>Few surviving Celtic myths bear any resemblance to their originals. In the course of time they have been infused with romance, pseudohistory and Christian theory. Stories of Ireland and Wales have been combined with tales of love, war and slaughterdeeds both noble and ignoble. In this classic study, MacCulloch proves that Celtic legend borrowed from preCeltic mythology, just as Christianity in Britain subsumed much of the Celtic past.</div>
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Celtic Mythology, (electronic resource)
Celtic Mythology, (electronic resource)
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  • Front Cover; Title Page; Plate I: Brug na Boinne; Half Title; Copyright; Contents; Illustrations; Dedication; Author''s Preface; Introduction; 1. Horse and Wheel-Symbol; 2. Horse, Conjoined Circles and S-Symbol; 3. Man-Headed Horse and Wheel; 4. Bull and S-Symbol; 5. Bull; 6. Sword and Warrior Dancing Before it; 7-8. Swastika Composed of Two S-Symbols (?); 9-10. Bull''s Head and two S-Symbols; Bear Eating a Serpent; 11. Wolf and S-Symbols; Plate II: Gaulish Coins; 1. Animals Opposed, and Boar and Wolf (?); 2. Man-Headed Horse and Bird, and Bull Ensign
  • 3. Squatting Divinity, and Boar and S-Symbol or Snake4. Horse and Bird; 5. Bull and Bird; 6. Boar; 7. Animals Opposed; Plate III: Gaulish Coins; Plate IV: God with the Wheel; Chapter I. The Strife of the Gods; Plate V: Smertullos; Chapter II. Tuatha De Danann and Milesians; Chapter III. The Division of the Sid; Plate VI ; A. Plan of the Brug na Boinne; B. Plan of the Brug na Boinne; Chapter IV. Mythic Powers of the Gods; Plan VII: Three-Headed God; Chapter V. Gods Helping Mortals; Chapter VI. Divine Enmity and Punishment; Plate VIII: Squatting God; Chapter VII. The Loves of the Gods; Plate IX
  • A. Altar from SaintesB. Reverse Side of the same Altar; Chapter VIII. The Myths of the British Celts; Plate X: Incised Stones from Scotland; 1. The ""Picardy Stone""; 2. The ""Newton Stone""; Plate XI: Gauls and Romans in Combat; Plate XII: Three-Headed God; Chapter IX. The Divine Land; Plate XIII: Sucellos; Plate XIV: Dispater and Aeracura (?); Chapter X. Mythical Animals and Other Beings; Plate XV: Epona; Plate XVI: Cernunnos; Plate XVII: Incised Stones from Scotland; 1. The "" Crichie Stone""; 2. An Incised Scottish Stone; Chapter XI. Myths of Origins
  • Chapter XII. The Heroic Myths -- I. Cuchulainn and his CirclePlate XVIII: Menhir of Kernuz; Plate XIX: Bulls and S-Symbols; 1, 6. Carvings of Bulls from Burghhead; 2-5. S-Symbols; Plate XX; A. Altar from Notre Dame. Esus; B. Altar from Notre Dame. Tarvos Trigaranos; Chapter XIII. The Heroic Myths -- II. Fionn and the Feinn; Plate XXI: Altar from Treves; Plate XXII: Page of an Irish Manuscript; Chapter XIV. The Heroic Myths -- III. Arthur; Plate XXIII: Artio; Plate XXIV: Boars; Plate XXV: Horned God; Chapter XV. Paganism and Christianity; Plate XXVI: Sucellos; Notes
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